Here is an overview of our most frequently asked questions when booking a liveaboard trip in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Maldives, Thailand and liveaboards all over the world. With more than 80 liveaboards listed on our website its very hard to include specific answers directed at specific boats so please be sure to read the boat overviews and itineraries and prices etc to find out more about the boat you are choosing to travel on, but these questions and answers are a great start when considering a liveaboard for you next diving holiday. If you cannot find an answer to a question you have please email us.

What should I bring?

All of your personal diving gear (except tanks and weights), bathing suit, towel, t-shirts, shorts, hat, and sunscreen. As evenings can sometimes be a little cooler in most parts of the world, you might also bring a sweatshirt and light cotton pants. You always need less than you think. If you prefer to travel light, you can hire rental diving equipment on all liveaboards.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Yes. Exposure protection is necessary as you will be making up to 4 dives a day. 3mm-5mm is recommended in most parts of Asia but you may require a double layer 5mm or semi-dry in other parts of the world, you will find the relevant information on our destination overview pages.

What kind of food is served?

Usually fresh fruit and vegetables are abundant on all liveaboards combined with both local and International Cuisines. If you do have any food allergies or special requirements then please bring to our attention prior to your arrival. There is a chef or cook on board happy to assist with special requests so if you like your eggs a certain way in the morning be sure to let them know.

What if I am vegetarian?

If you are vegetarian, let us know at booking stage prior to your trip and we will make sure the boat is aware of your request and there are plenty of vegetarian dishes to suit your tastes on your chosen liveaboard. Fresh fruit and vegetables are really the order of the day so vegetarians rarely experience problems.

How many dives can I do in one day?

A Liveaboard trip provides you with more diving opportunities than standard day diving and you can choose to dive up to 4 times in one day with night diving always an option. Guests are encouraged to dive at their own pace with as little or as many dives to suit your day.

Are Night Dives included?

Night dives may be included at the tour leader / divemasters discretion, conditions allowing. Sunset dives are also common. Remember you can always take a night diver specialty if you have never dived at night before, its an incredible experience where you will see the oceans come to a dancing life as the lights shine their way.

What are National Marine Park Fees and Visa fees?

As you may be traveling to remote areas they are often protected and require you to pay a fee for entrance or some trips may require you to cross a border in to another country, here is a few examples of fees but be sure to check your specific trip for your requirements.
In Thailand there is a Similans Marine National Park Entry Fee of 400 Thai Baht per person per each entry for both divers and non divers and National Park Fee for divers of 200 Thai Baht per diver per day (diver only). (Prices may change without prior notice from the Thai Forestry department).
When choosing a Liveaboard departing and returning to Thailand but includes a cross over to Burma for diving their too there is a Visa Fee to Burma of USD $200-$230 per person. Passport size photos may also be a requirements and copies of your passport for Myanmar trips. All fees will be confirmed at booking.

Can I recharge my Cameras, strobes and batteries?

Yes, liveaboards are very capable of receiving photographers and voltage is commonly. 220/110/24 this may change depending on destination so be sure to check at time of booking. Adaptors are usually available but bringing your own adaptor can be useful.

How deep are the dive sites?

Sites are generally deeper on liveaboard trips, and dives of all depths are available from 5 meters up to 40 meters plus. On a liveaboard trip, you can choose the type of diving that you prefer, whether it be deep or shallow there will be a divemaster or guide available for every level.

Will I see whale sharks? We prefer not to label such a wonderful experience with a wild and free animal but be sure to check our blog for all of the latest sightings.


It is always highly recommended and compulsory on all liveaboards that you purchase a comprehensive holiday insurance prior to your diving trip, please check that you are insured to dive to your certification limits please provide your cruise director with a copy of your emergency insurance contact details on arrival. Trip cancellation insurance is also recommended.


You must bring proof of your current certification for presentation on your arrival on all liveaboards and of course don't forget your log book for that extra special stamp.

What about tipping?

Tipping is a matter of choice, but the friendliness and service that the local and foreign staff will provide on liveaboards rarely go unnoticed so the better the time you have the bigger the tip you leave, it's really up to you.